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Members Training - Chemical Handling
Chemicals, a necessary part of business. This session covers storage, risk assessment, SDS, PPE, fire, spill control and first aid. The difference between Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals. Ensure you have the correct type of signage or manifest displayed in your workplace. Online Training Session length 1 hour  
Members Training - Noise Awareness
How much is too much noise, Noise levels can cause harm through, exposure, frequency and noise levels. Also need to consider sudden impact sounds (Peak Noise). When to provide hearing protection and how to wear it correctly. Using the Hierarchy of Control for managing noise in your workplace.Online Training Session length 1 hour  
Members Training - Manual Handling
Manual Handling is more than just lifting heavy boxes. This session covers the fulcrum points of the human body and how to minimise damage to yourself  by using the correct lifting technique. Workers need to take this training and put into practice. Business need to review their work areas for manual handling issues.Online Training Session length 1 hour  
Members Training - Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness is more that just a fire, get to know what some of your workplace potential emergencies are. Communication, consultation and training of workers is key in ensuring, in the event of an emergency you are able to get out safely. This train sessions covers the roles of Emergency Wardens, Workers, First Aid Officers, Management and the Emergency Services.Online Training Session length 90 minutes  
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